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Dr. Brenda Yanofsky, EdD, LAc

Wellness Evaluations

A wellness evaluation is incorporated into the first visit, to fully assess all patient issues. Western and eastern diagnostic skills are incorporated into the interview for approximately one hour. The patient completes intake forms providing information on health issues.

A quick history from childhood is obtained to better assess the foundation of the patient’s present complaints. Childhood illnesses, accidents, surgeries, allergies and food habits are reviewed. Prescription medications, addictions, and emotional issues are discussed.

Eastern diagnosis includes questions, tongue and pulse diagnosis, and digestive history. The pulse diagnosis has six locations, three on each wrist, which are related to the organs in the body. The tongue diagnosis provides a myriad of information to the practitioner. The tongue shape, color, movement, coating, and geographic landmarks are examined. The Three Jiaos are examined by skin temperature for digestive analysis (abdominal diagnosis).
In addition, females are asked questions regarding menses and hormonal issues.

Ten diagnostic questions are asked and discussed with the patient:

1. Chills and fever
2. Sweating
3. Pain
4. Other body disorders (dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, palpitations
fullness of the chest, abdominal distention, numbness)
5. Thirst
6. Appetite
7. Taste in mouth
8. Bowel movements
9. Urination
10. Sleep

Information regarding meridians and chi are explained to the patient to better understand the treatment. Because the meridians influence every cell in the body, and pass through every organ system, acupuncture provides an accurate and non-invasive means of determining health deficiencies as well as re-establishing balance. In summary, it provides maximum benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the conventional medical approaches.

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