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Dr. Brenda Yanofsky, EdD, LAc


It is my pleasure to tell you how I came to know Dr. Brenda Yanofsky. In the fall of 1999, I became afflicted and diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. This is a virus that creates a swelling in a facial nerve. The swelling around the nerve area causes paralysis to one side of the face. I experienced visual symptoms from that paralysis for approximately one year, and experienced a sensation behind my ear that never went away.

In March of 2008 I felt that the Bells Palsy was returning. I saw Dr. Brenda right away. Not only was I treated quickly and with such concern, but I had immediate improvement. Also, after a few treatments the sensation I have had for eight years in the area behind my ear is gone. I have relief for the first time in eight years!

Another less tangible change I experienced since my treatment began, is an overall clarity in my thinking. I don’t know how else to explain it.

I would recommend Dr Brenda with absolute confidence to anyone. I came to know her from several friends who had encouraged me to meet her. And I am so glad. I have had acupuncture in the past. My previous experience was not as pleasant and I feel Dr. Brenda’s knowledge is much more comprehensive.


You have worked wonders for me and I just wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation.

After just a few visits, the pain in my left side went away completely and my “trigger-finger” problem was totally eliminated, even after a doctor told me that it was a surgery issue that could be fixed in no other way!

I’ve already referred several people to you, Dr. Brenda, and will continue to do so and I am sure you can improve anyone’s comfort level as you have improved mine.

You can be sure that if the need arises, I’ll be back for more of your wonderful treatments.

Very best regards,


I just wanted to thank you for the times you have literally put me back on my feet when I was in so much pain or so sick I couldn’t continue to function. I remember when I first thought of trying acupuncture, I worried that it might be painful. Was I ever surprised! I don’t know if it’s your particular technique or just what it is, but I have rarely even felt one of your needles. I’ve truly been amazed.

I’ve also been impressed at how much better I feel after a treatment. Whether I was seeing you for back pain, or headaches, or neck pain, or nausea or dizziness, or a cold or flu – no matter what – I have always felt immediate relief from your treatment. As a writer, I spend an enormous amount of time at my computer, and my back and neck really suffer for it. You always get me back on track.

Another thing I really appreciate is your flexibility. You have “been there” for me when I needed help. I’m so grateful for the time you have inconvenienced yourself in order to help me with whatever ailment I had at the time. I know that now, as you are becoming more well known, your schedule may not allow you to be as flexible as in the past. But I do appreciate all the times you have been able to accommodate my schedule, even when it meant sacrificing your own schedule.

I often tell other people about what a caring, gentle doctor you are. You truly have “healing hands.” I’m so glad that God brought you into my life.

Love and blessings,


Not to be dramatic, but Dr. Brenda saved my life. There have been times in my life of very high stress usually dealing with the illness of a loved one or around the death of a loved one. In July 2006 I lost my father suddenly. He had been ill for a couple of years but I never thought he would die when he did. My father was my second parent to die. I had lost my mother at a young age. My father was my world. He was my strength and where I went for advice and so much more. A parent loves a child unconditionally and I had just lost my unconditional love. I began to have panic attacks after his death. It literally felt like I was having a heart attack. I had pain down my left arm and I felt my heart race. It would always start at night and continue until I would fall asleep. I was sad and depressed. Around the holidays that year I ended up in the emergency room such I was having a heart attack. My doctor insisted everything was alright and prescribed me antidepressants. After reading the side effects on the bottle I knew that was not the route I wanted to take. I had just lost my father less than six months before and knew what was making me so sad. For a time it went away and then it came back with a vengeance. I was literally dreading nighttime when it would start. Some nights I slept sitting up in a chair because that seemed to calm me down. It was when I was so desperate that a friend suggested I go and see Dr. Brenda. By this point I was open to anything and knew I needed someone to talk to. I made an appointment and went to see Dr. Brenda. We talked for 2 hours that night and then she said she could help me, was I open to needle acupuncture. At that point I said I was. The night before I was so panicked I had slept sitting up in a chair and I was exhausted.

After only one treatment the anxiety went away. During the treatment I felt at peace, a feeling I had long since forgotten. I have continued to see Dr. Brenda for the past year and have made some real progress. She is extremely responsive if I have panic attacks about being able to see me. She has been a lifesaver.

I think the highest form of flattery is recommending people I see who need her services to her. I have sent many friends to her and they all become Dr. Brenda believers. She is an incredible listener and an incredible Dr. I can’t thank her enough for bringing me some peace. She is more than a Dr to me, she is a life coach, everyone needs someone on their side.


Dear Dr. Brenda,

You have been the “Shining Light” for my health needs. Your background in clinical psychology and knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine are assets for your holistic approach to healing the body. You are a great listener and I respect your intuition. Your care is compassionate and thorough. I always look forward to our conversations and your relaxing acupuncture treatments.

After I leave your office, you continue to care for me. Thank you for all the time you freely spend researching products, supplements and books that you believe would be of interest to me. You are truly dedicated to leading your patients to their optimum health.

Gratitude from my heart,


As an internal medicine physician, I have experienced migraine headaches for the past forty years. Acupuncture treatments have totally relieved my migraine headaches and I no longer have the need for prescription medications. I have become a believer and have weekly acupuncture treatments to maintain my health.


Five plus years ago, my husband Harry had a stroke. Life changed in one-half of a second. Without faith, family, friends, medical help and therapy at every level, this could not be written. A new friend who has helped us along the way is acupuncture physician Dr. Brenda Yanofsky. Harry has aphasia, a speech communication problem, and his face was completely numb on the right side. With the help of Dr. Brenda and her magic acupuncture, some of the numbness has left Harry’s face, and his speech is stronger. The process in slow but noticeable and extremely positive.

Thank you, Brenda, for your gentle kindness, your patience, and your understanding. We have learned a lot and know we can always ask you for advice and help.

You are truly a member of our extended family.

K.D. and H.D.

I first met Dr. Brenda while seeking relief for a badly pulled calf muscle. Having the same injury for the past thirty years, I knew that my medical doctor would advise that I stay off the muscle for it to heal. Knowing that my job would not allow that much time off for therapy, I found Dr. Brenda. Previously, it had taken one month to heal. The acupuncture had me well in just over a week with three sessions.

Having enjoyed that success, I decided to try more advice from Dr. Brenda. Using different pills, capsules, and vitamin drinks, I was able to lose 25 pounds in approximately three months and have kept it off for two years with very little exercise. This may not work for everyone but it worked for me. Along with the weight loss came much lower blood pressure, fewer headaches, and less tension. I have continued my acupuncture twice a month to maintain my wellness and to help with stress. Dr. Brenda’s insight, training, and abilities have changed my life in a great way.

Give her a try.

T. P.

After my dog had successful acupuncture, I gained enough courage to try Oriental Medicine myself. For over forty years, I had severe migraine headaches and miscellaneous body aches and pains. My treatments with Dr. Brenda have been amazing and I enjoy her combination of humor, talent and technique.

A gifted acupuncturist, Dr. Brenda has helped me understand my body and provided tools to help me…relaxation techniques, breathing instruction, nutritional supplementation, and laughter. She has provided muscle pain relief from my auto accident as well, with her healing hands and massage. My health has changed, with less time being sick, no migraines, and more time for fun.

I never knew there were other choices, and acupuncture has transformed my life.


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