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After a week of weather stress and political election stress, we are all ready for some cortisol reduction and stress management.  Your body is a complex system of checks and balances, helping you balance the multiple demands of every day living. Your hypothalamus (at the base of your brain) sets off an alarm when you encounter a stressful moment.  This response prompts your adrenal glands (above your kidneys) to release a surge of hormones including cortisol and adrenaline. The cortisol alters the immune system responses , also affecting digestion,reproduction, and growth processes.  Adrenaline increases your heart rate, boosts your energy and compromises your immune system. Suddenly your fight or flight reaction does not always have an off button, creating a need for stress management.

Acupuncture, Aromatouch massage, foot reflexology as well as a daily essential oils protocol are  wonderful tools to help with stress reduction and improved physical health.  These natural remedies are helpful for:  depression, anxiety, headaches, sleep, weight gain, memory, digestion……...in other words, AWESOME FOR BODY BALANCING!!!  




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