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Doctor Brenda’s Online Store:

Dr. Brenda is proud to offer the following products. She had picked these for their quality and effectiveness. For more information, click on links below.

doTERRA – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Dr. Brenda has chosen doTERRA essential oils for their exceptional quality & effectiveness. To purchase contact Dr. Brenda on 941-955-1220 or order online in one of two ways:

  1. Use the “SHOP” tab to order individual oils at retail prices and have them shipped directly to you
  2. Use the “JOIN & SAVE” to become a Wholesale Member for $35 and save 25% off everything for an entire year. Contact DR. Brenda for more info on enrollment kits, membership benefits, free products for members only, etc.


Ear Seeds 
The benefits of ear seeds have been known for centuries, and it has never been easier to experience.
To purchase, click on the link above and contact Dr. Brenda at 941-955-1220 with any questions.

Standard Process
Organic Wholefood Supplements
Standard Process believes that with proper nutrition your body has an amazing capability of keeping itself healthy. To purchase contact Dr. Brenda at 941-955-1220 with any questions.

Emerson Ecologics Nutritional Products

Emerson Ecologics is dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements, service solutions and educational support to integrative healthcare professionals and to help practitioners improve the lives of their patients. This dispensary allows my patients to access world class products at a 20% DISCOUNT. You may order directly online when you need your products in a convenient and professional delivery system. For large quantities of product over three hundred dollars, please check with me regarding a greater discount.

Dear Patient,
Please follow the steps below for your online purchase.

  1. Click the link above to access the Emerson Wellevate website.
  2. In the top bar click “Register“.
  3. Fill out your info and create a password (save it in a place you’ll remember to access it later)
  4. Once complete, you are ready to shop for products in Dr. Brenda’s store
  5. Check out and products will be shipped directly to you!

If you have a question about the Emerson Ecologics form you can call 800-654-4432.

Vital Choice – Omega Oils and Fish Products
Whole, unrefined wild Sockeye Salmon Oil is rich in omega-3s, vitamin D, and the potent orange antioxidant pigment. High standard seafood with NSF verification.

Crane Herb – Herbal Products
Virtual pharmacy for patient homeopathics and herbs prescribed by your practitioner.



Wholetones – Collection of divinely inspired music for healing
Discover composer Michael S. Tyrrell’s 7 amazing “musical tones”, found to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles and restore sound sleep… in minutes!

Discover Natural Essential Oils Solutions from doTERRA

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to order doTERRA products from Doctor Brenda's doTERRA store

Autism & ADHD

Order with Emerson Wellevate

Access Dr. Brenda's professional-grade vitamin and supplement recommendations at any time, from any device. Click here to order from Dr. Brenda's Wellevate store and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders of $49 or more. 

Order with Patient Direct

To purchase Standard Process products from Dr. Brenda's Store, Click Here.

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