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Pain Management

Acupuncture plays an important role in the elimination of pain, and gives us valuable alternative choices for the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Acupuncture is a holistic method of encouraging the body to promote its own natural healing, and to improve overall function.

The modern scientific explanation is that needling the acupuncture points stimulates the body to produce natural steroids and release endorphins. Steroids decrease inflammation while endorphins inhibit pain. These substances are fifty to one hundred times more potent in relieving pain than many prescription drugs, and play an integral part in the elimination of the pain cycle.

Western medicine has not had a great deal of success in providing substantial pain relief solutions. The most popular form of treatment is pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, and cortisone injections. Unfortunately, these options are not effective, often producing more troublesome side effects than the condition itself, with a potential for addiction.

Acupuncture is a safe, painless alternative and a very effective procedure for eliminating and relieving pain.

In 1997 the National Institute of Health conducted an extensive review of the scientific evidence for acupuncture. According to their scientific panel, there is a clear evidence and support of acupuncture’s efficacy for chronic conditions that benefit from the control of pain and inflammation.

These conditions include headache, fibromyalgia, low back pain, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, menstrual cramps, and autoimmune disorders.

Acupuncture :

  • costs less than other modalities
  • enhances endocrine and immune function
  • increases circulation to speed up recovery time
  • maintains longer positive results
  • promotes physical and emotional wellbeing
  • quickly reduces pain and inflammation
  • relaxes muscles
  • reduces pain without the pronged use of drugs
  • stimulates the bodys natural healing capacity, and
  • fully integrates with other therapies.

The goal of pain management is to enhance and influence the overall function of the bodys natural systems to eliminate pain as soon as possible with acupuncture. The education of patients on maintaining their optimal health is a partnership between physician and patient. The goal is wellness and quality of life through the healing process.

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