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Nutritional Solutions

Nutritional solutions are essential for health management in the 21st century.The modern daily flood of stress, environmental toxins, and highly processed chemical transfat and sugar-laden foods damage our health and leave us deficient in vitamin nutrients. Supplementation positively influences our nutrient absorption, aids in detoxification, and provides unique nutrient support for our immune system.

We are bombarded with marketing and advertisements regarding many nutritional solutions. It is important to find a trusted advisor to assist you with choices. Each person requires an individualized plan of supplementation depending upon their health, lifestyle, stress, sleep patterns, eating habits, addictions and usage of prescription drugs.

Acupuncture physicians are trained in the value of nutrition and the chemistry and physiology behind the development of bio-available supplementation. State of the art blood testing is available through this practitioner providing a detailed analysis of 31 vitamins and trace minerals within your body. By creating a baseline with testing, the acupuncturist and patient can develop a reasonable plan for appropriate supplements including cost and ease of ingestion.

Modern medicine has been researching the immune system and understanding its importance in the majority of diseases and chronic conditions.

Fifty years ago, it was possible to maintain good nutritional habits with food alone. In today’s industrialized and processed foods, it is difficult to obtain the necessary nutritional building blocks for good health.

The best general nutritional supplementation is a multiple vitamin and mineral formula that includes a variety of nutrients in low to moderate but adequate dosages. A supplement should truly serve to supplement a diet, not to be the diet. The formulation needs to be absorbable and digestible, a bio-available product.

In addition anti-oxidants occur in food and supplementation may be necessary, depending upon your dietary habits. Prescription medications deplete certain vitamin levels.

Adequate calcium and mineral balances are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the skeleton, the normal function of muscle contraction, cell membrane function and hormonal secretions. Calcium also functions as a second messenger within the cell, relaying messages to the cell about the arrival of proteins and growth factors at the receptor sites of the cells surface. The calcium formulation needs to be absorbable and include magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D.

The field of nutrition is growing exponentially and requires guidance and counseling to incorporate sensible choices for a healthy lifestyle.

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