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Immune System Support

The human immune system is a truly amazing constellation of responses to attacks from outside the body. It has many facets, a number of which can change to optimize the response to these unwanted intruders. The immune system is remarkably effective the majority of the time.

There are two main fluid systems in the body: blood and lymph. The blood and lymph systems are intertwined throughout the body, and they are responsible for transporting various agents to the immune system.

The lymph is an alkaline pH greater than 7.0 fluid that is usually clear, transparent and colorless. It flows in the lymphatic vessels and bathes tissue and organs in its protective covering. There are no red blood cells in the lymph and it has a lower protein content than the blood.

The blood system constitutes about 7% of the body’s total weight. The blood flows from the heart into the arteries, then to the capillaries, and returns to the heart through the veins.

The combination of this complex system is the basis for our innate immune system, which we are born with. It is a non-specific system where all antigens are attacked pretty much equally. Imagine your automobile and how long it would run if you never added fluids, mechanical service, or gasoline. Then imagine our bodies coping with today’s environment, toxins, stresses and industrialization

With today’s alternative medicine, there are a multitude of choices to assist us with our immune system and our daily living. Adaptogens are a breakthrough health discovery which can help you maintain optimal health by combating stress at the cellular level. There are twelve known adaptogens in the world today that have been researched and studied over the last fifty years. Numerous health and vitamin companies are creating improved formulations to make these products bio-available.

Positive health habits also have a profound effect on our immune system, and scientists are studying the On and Off Button for why some people get sick and others dont.

Diet, stress remediation, exercise, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, massage and leisure hobbies, are some ways to reduce stress and improve our immune systems.

Acupuncture strengthens and supports the body to prevent future illness and disease; a safe, natural, drug free and effective way to balance your body. Harmony and balance, homeostasis, is the key to maintaining a healthy immune system. An acupuncturist views each individual as a dynamic, integrated whole, and is a partner in the healing and wellness of the patient.

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