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Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine includes herbal remedies in conjunction with acupuncture to provide treatment solutions for patients. An herb might be a plant, animal or mineral, and is prepared in such a way that the body can easily absorb and process it.

In traditional terms, the purpose of the herb is to regulate the balance of blood, chi, and fluids via the organ network. The five evils are expelled, including cold, wind, heat, damp and dryness. In addition, the five emotions are balanced with herbal formulations including anger, joy, pensiveness, fear and sadness.

A Chinese herbalist tailors the prescription to suit the individual and his/her diagnosis. The prescription may include a few herbs or a combination of a multiplicity of herbs. There are literally thousands of herbs in use, used in combinations for hundreds of diseases and illnesses.

The five temperature characteristics of herbs are: cold, hot, warm, cool and neutral. The five taste characteristics are: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salt. The taste and temperature combine to create the herbal property effective to re-establish the harmony and homeostasis of the body.

Herbs may be prepared as decoctions, pills, powder, aromatics, food and wines. All conditions may benefit from herbal formulations incorporated with various treatment modalities.

Counter-indications for the utilization of herbs include:

  • allergies
  • multiple prescription drugs
  • conflict with western medicine treatments

Chinese herbs may be used for the majority of illnesses and conditions. However, supervision is necessary; as symptoms and treatments change new formulations may be necessary to be prescribed.

The study of herbals is incorporated into the five-year acupuncture study program. It involves the integration of ancient Chinese theory with modern formulations and technology.

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