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Ear Candling

The natural ear candles contain the essential oils of Eucalyptus, Echinacea and Tea Tree.

Herbal Paraffin Candles are especially soothing during the cold and flu season and may provide relief from summer allergies and hay fever. Beeswax tends to burn smoother, cleaner and longer than paraffin candles.

The beeswax mixed with a special blend of essential oils makes your ear candling an all-natural experience.

Lavender and Paraffin Candles are available for individuals with allergies to beeswax.

A traditional practice used for more than 2000 years, ear candling (also called ear coning) consists of placing the tapered end of a hollow cylinder coated with wax into the opening of the ear canal and lighting the opposite end on fire. Smoke and warmth will then freely enter the ear canal and begin softening hardened and impacted earwax.

Modern ear candling uses disposable hollow candles made from strips of unbleached cotton or linen dipped in paraffin or beeswax. Some candles are made with herbs or essential oils mixed into the wax, similar to the way ancient peoples placed medicinal plants and herbs in their ear candles for the beneficial effects of the smoke.

Though many ear candlers believe the candle actually “draws out” ear wax with the suction of fire, this is not true. The smoke and warmth help soften and break-up your hardened ear wax allowing your body to excrete it naturally. Any wax deposits you may find inside the candle consist entirely of beeswax or paraffin wax used in the production of the ear candle. It is not ear wax.

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